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Mascot dog chooses swing for resting.
The Mascot's Page:
Resting on bedsheets is preferable.
Dogs like shade on warm days too.
Sleeping on his favorite chair.
He is thinking of walking on the pool cover.
At the park near the Golden Gate bridge,
watching the ocean.
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In Memoriam:

On January 12, 2016, Peighton passed away
unexpectedly, without pain or suffering. His Family
and friends have honored his wonderful life with
cards, flowers and charitiable donations. Peighton
now extends his continued affection to you and
appears much as he does on the page of photos.
Thank you for your memories of his life as you knew
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You can see, for example, the "devious look" on
Peighton's face in the photo to the left of this note.